Tips For Spring Tree Care And Treatments To Prevent Problems This Year

As the flowers begin to bloom in the forests, you may be more worried about pruning trees and other care that needs to be done. If you want to have your trees healthy and withstand any storms this summer, there are some spring care tasks that will help. Here are tips to help with spring tree care to ensure your trees remain healthy all year:

1. Trim Any Damage from Snow and Ice Dams Over the Winter

Winter weather sometimes causes problems with your trees. The damage is done usually in later winter, which is when ice storms are more likely or snow melt causes ice. The heavy loads on the branches cause them to break or become weakened. Spring is a good time to cut off any of the damaged branches, which will ensure that trees do not have weak and vulnerable branches that are susceptible to pests and disease. If you are worried about exposed wounds on trees, use a special pruning sealant to cover the cuts.

2. Clear Overgrowth and Give Trees Healthy Space to Grow

Overgrowth around the base of trees can take valuable nutrients and weaken trees. The early spring is a good time to clear out any overgrowth and weeds before it comes back. In addition, make sure that trees are not densely populated. Remove trees that are small, weak and overcrowding established healthy trees. Keeping the undergrowth clear will also protect your trees from damage due to moisture or pest infestations.

3. Spring Treatments for Garden Insects and Pests That Attack Trees

Spring is also the best time to treat for different types of garden pests. Since the insects that infest trees are active during this time of year, an early spring treatment will ensure that insects carry bait back to nests. In addition, you will also want to apply other treatments to your trees, such as slow release fertilizers. Applying the treatments and taking care of pests during the early spring months will ensure you do not have problems with trees as the weather gets warmer.

These spring care tips will help ensure your trees stay healthy through the summer months and storms that the weather brings. Contact a professional arborist to ensure your trees get the good care they need to be a healthy addition to your property. The arborist will be able to assess all the trees on your property and develop a plan to make sure your trees are strong and healthy. 

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