Everything You Need To Know About Seed And Bird Feeders To Attract Different Wildlife

If you are an animal lover, you may want to attract wildlife into your landscaping. Birdfeeders are a useful tool to attract different animals, and they are not just for bird watching. For example: you may want to add nesting boxes for both owls and bats around your property. Other feeders can be used to attract animals like squirrels. Here are a few helpful hints to help you attract wildlife with birdfeeders:

1. Choose Different Types of Feeds in Different Feeders

Feed for birds is mixed with different types of seeds and grains to attract birds. If you want to attract other species, use different feed mixtures that are meant to attract different birds. Another option is to try making some of your own feed mixtures that cater to the specific diets of certain species. Using different feed and several bird feeders will help you attract more animals for your hobby.

2. Use Cage Feeders to Attract Squirrels and Other Mammals  

Attracting birds will also attract other animals like squirrels, which are sometimes pests for bird watchers. On the other hand, there are some hobbyists that enjoy the company of squirrels and other small mammals. If you want to attract different animals to your home, consider using cage type feeders, which are specifically designed for squirrels. There are also sweet mixtures of feed for these small animals, which usually consists of a block of nuts and corn, with honey as a bonding agent.

3. Use Specifically Designed Nesting Boxes to Attract Permanent Residents

There are also specially designed nesting boxes that are used to attract animals during mating seasons. These special boxes are a great way to provide habitat for certain animals. Bat boxes are a common type of special nesting box, which will attract bats during spring—through the late autumn months of the year. There are also special birdhouses that have features to attract mating birds. Tree services will be able to help with pruning trees and installing nesting boxes in trees where the animals will have nesting space in their natural habitat.

4. Flower and Herb Gardens with A Design to Attract Different Types of Wildlife  

You may also want to consider planting your landscaping in a way that helps attract different types of birds and animals. Use herb gardens and flowerbeds to create the colors and food resources for different types of animals. If you want to attract humming birds, the colors and sweat smell of summer flowers will attract them to feeders that you place nearby.

These are some helpful tips to attract animals with birdfeeders. The animals do not have to be birds and can range from squirrels to nocturnal animals like owls. Contact a tree trimming service like Good Morrow to help with removing branches from trees and installing nesting boxes for birds, bats and other animals. 

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