4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Tick Bites

Ticks are nasty little bloodsuckers that can carry diseases like Lyme disease. You don't have to go out in the woods to find ticks; you can find them at the park or even in your own front yard. You want to do what you can to avoid ticks so that you can help to prevent getting things like Lyme disease. 

Learn Tick Habitats

While you can find ticks just about anywhere, there are some places where they are more likely to show up. Ticks like areas that have a lot of moisture and humidity, so they like to live around creeks and ponds. They also like to live in long grass, piles of brush and leaves, and bushes. If you have a garden, they may also like to live in your garden because it will give them a nice safe place to live. 

Insect Repellent

Making sure that you are using insect repellent will also help to keep ticks off you. There are different ways that you can do that. One is that you can use insect repellent that has DEET in it. That will kill any ticks that get on you as well as keep them from getting on you. You can also spray things like boots, shoes, clothes, and camping equipment with insect repellents that have permethrin in it. You can spray the bug spray on all those things and not worry about having to do it every time you go out. The bug spray should last through several washes. You can also spread diatomaceous earth in your yard. It is non-toxic and won't hurt you, your kids, or your pets, but it will kill bugs.

Pet Medication

If you have dogs or cats that go outside you need to make sure that you give them tick treatment as well. If your pet goes outside, you need to make sure that they get the treatment year round and not just when the weather is warm. Your vet can give you give you treatments that you can put on your pet every month that should help prevent them from getting ticks 

Tick Check

Every time you go outside or your pets go outside for more than just a couple of minutes, you need to do a tick check. It may seem like a pain to do, but it's important to do. If you don't, you may end up with a tick that your dog carried in. If your dogs go out a lot, you may want to do the check every night instead of every time they come in. 

Ticks can cause a lot of problems. There are easy things you can do that will help you avoid getting bitten by one. For more information, talk to a professional like Greenwood Tree Experts.

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