Adopting A Dog Soon? Plant A Tree To Supply The Dog Run With Some Shade

Some homeowners do not pay much attention to their backyard because they do not spend much time there. While this may be true in your situation, this can change when you adopt a dog. You will need to provide your dog with a safe place to go to the bathroom as well as spend time while in their dog run. If you are not having luck with finding an ideal location for a dog run, you should make changes. When one of the issues is not having a place of reliable shade, the easiest solution is to plant a tree.

Start with a Sapling

Although you could try to grow a tree from the seed, this could not yield the results you want to see. It can take a while for the seed to grow into something that you can see and analyze. This means you could be waiting weeks only to find out that the seed needs to be replaced with another one. A better alternative is to start with a sapling that can range anywhere from a few feet in height to taller than you. Naturally, a tree that is taller than a standard person will already start providing shade in some measure.

Prioritize Fast Growth Rate

Another quality that you will want with the tree that you pick is a fast growth rate. If you adopt your dog in a few months, you want to start seeing noticeable results from the tree you choose in that time. The best way to make this decision is to let a tree service professional show you a list of native trees. Then, you can decide based on the conditions of your yard as well as the growth rates of each tree.

Avoid Potential Hazards

It is easy to look at a tree such as the white oak and think it is a decent choice. It grows in a wide range of hardiness zones and it provides an incredible amount of shade, but it does lack in its growth rate. However, an even greater concern is that such a tree is dangerous to dogs due to the leaves and the acorns. It is important to let the professionals know about the intention to shade a dog run early on.

Taking the time to analyze these details when picking out a tree to grow for a dog run will ensure that your dog is able to get all the shade they need to be comfortable when they are outside. To learn more about the best tree options, contact a tree care company in your area.

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