How To Deal With A Downed Tree After A Storm

Mature trees are a beautiful addition to your yard, but they pose a danger when strong storms move through your area. Heavy rain loosens the soil enough that a strong wind can topple even giant trees. It can be a real problem to get a huge tree off your property, especially if there are several downed trees in your area and you're not able to cut up the tree yourself. Here are some tips for dealing with a downed tree in your yard.

Inspect The Damage From A Distance

Don't get too close to the tree if it isn't resting on the ground. If it fell on a shed or other building or vehicle, it might not be stable. You don't want a big tree to rotate and fall on top of you. Also, look for power lines. If the tree pulled a line down with it, your first call should be to the power company. If the power is out, there may be no immediate danger, but when the power is restored, you'll have a live wire in your yard, and that is an extremely dangerous situation. The power company needs to come to your property and fix the line before work can begin on the tree.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Find out if your insurance covers damage caused by the tree and removal of the tree itself. Since the downed tree was caused by a storm, it might be covered under your homeowner's insurance. If the tree was on your neighbor's lot or land owned by the city, you'll want to know who is responsible for the cost of removing the tree before you call a tree removal service.

Have The Tree Removed

Removing a big tree from your yard involves two steps. First, the tree must be chopped up and hauled away. Then the stump has to be removed. The tree removal service may have to prioritize calls after a storm. If the tree isn't resting on your house or posing any danger, you may have to wait for it to be removed. If the tree is blocking the street, a crew from the city may attend to it immediately. If a city crew or a neighbor with a chainsaw gets rid of the tree for you, you'll still have to call a professional to get rid of the stump and big chunks of the tree. Stump grinding is the easiest and most efficient way to eliminate a tree stump, and this requires proper equipment and skill.

Also, keep in mind if you hire someone to cut the tree into smaller pieces with a chainsaw, you're going to be left with a yard full of tree pieces you have to have hauled away. A tree service will put the tree parts through a chipper and make mulch on the spot. Very large and heavy pieces will be removed with chains and heavy machinery. Dealing with a huge tree often requires a professional from a company like Hodgson's Expert Tree Service just because of the weight of the tree. Calling a tree removal service is the best way to get rid of the tree safely, even if you do have to wait a few days to get the job done.

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