Protecting A House Against Termites

Were major repairs recently made to your home after finding out that a lot of wood was destroyed by termites? If you don't want the problem to occur again, it is important for you to do a few things around your house to lower the risk of a termite infestation. You must being by protecting the outside of your house from the pests trying  to get into the inside. For instance, dead trees that are close to your house can make it easy for termites to get into it. Take a look at this article for a few suggestions in regards to preventing a termite infestation.

Trees That Are Near the House Should Be Removed

You don't want to leave trees near your house because it is one of the easiest ways for termites to make their way inside. For instance, the pests can infest the trees and climb down onto your house if there are branches hanging over the roof. Hire a large tree removal professional, like Show Me Tree Service, to cut the trees down if you don't really want them in your yard. Make sure the stumps are not left inside of the ground, as they are able to attract termites due to being wood. A commercial grinding machine can be used to get rid of the stumps in no time.

Decrease Moisture Levels on the Interior & Exterior of the House

You must do everything possible to keep the moisture levels around your house low. For instance, you can reduce the exterior moisture levels by keeping the rain gutters in good shape. The gutter must be kept free of debris if you don't water sitting in them and creating high levels of moisture. When it comes in the interior of the house, never leave plumbing problems unrepaired. Water must be able to flow freely through the plumbing system, and any leaks must be promptly repaired.

Pay Attention to the Condition of Wood Around Your House

One of the worst things about termites is that they can get into wall cavities and damage wood without you knowing. The best thing that you can do is prevent a few termites from becoming an infestation. You can do so by paying attention to all of the wood in your house, as well as any that is located on the outside. Make sure there are no signs of the wood being chewed up by termites. If you notice any damage, hire an exterminator as soon as possible to prevent an infestation.

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