What To Expect When Having A Tree Removed From Your Property By An Environmentally-Conscious Tree Service

That tree that you have in your yard may have been valuable to your property at one time, but now it is far too big, too maintenance demanding, or too dangerous to keep around. If you have found yourself with the need to have a tree removed from your property, you will likely be ready to get any tree service on site to take care of the problem. However, trees are a living part of the ecosystem on your property, and, therefore, it is always a good idea to go with a tree service that removes the tree in a way that will be friendly to the environment. Take a look at a few things you can expect if you hire an environmentally-conscious tree service to remove your tree. 

The tree will be assessed in detail before any cutting begins. 

Taking down a tree, especially if it is a large tree, can mean disturbing native plants and other trees in the area. If the root system of a tree is large enough, removing it can also cause changes in things like natural groundwater pathways. Because of this, the tree service professionals will spend a bit of time assessing the tree and its location before they ever start taking it down. Their goal will be to remove the tree with as little disruption to the surrounding environment as possible. 

Any wildlife or insects may be relocated before the tree is taken down. 

Trees are often homes to an array of different forms of wildlife, including 

  • various species of birds
  • squirrels, possums, raccoons, and other small mammals
  • bees, ants, and other insects

Taking the habitat away from these forms of wildlife can disrupt the natural processes on your property. For example, if the tree contains a beehive, it can change pollination processes of plants in the area. Therefore, an environmentally-conscious tree removal service will take the initiative to relocate any animals or insects that call the tree home. 

The tree and its components will be put to good use after removal. 

The normal process of taking out a tree will require a tree removal service to haul away several loads of tree limbs, leaves, the tree, and even the stump material if it is removed in the process. If you are working with a tree service who follows disposal practices that will be eco-friendly, you can expect all of this material to be taken to local sawmills for use, chipped for use as mulch, or even placed in natural forested habitats where animals can make good use of the debris. 

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