Keeping Tree Damage Minimal During Summer Pruning

If you have a plethora of trees on your property and have very little time to prune in the spring, then you do have the option of cutting back branches during the summer months. If you plan on pruning in the summer, then you do need to be careful so you do not damage the tree. Keep reading to learn about some tips that can keep damage to a minimum.

Prune In Mild Weather

Pruning is a stressful process that can leave trees susceptible to decay, fungal infections, and pest infestations. This is one reason why you only want to prune about one-quarter to one-third of the tree growth and also why it is suggested to prune when a tree is not blossoming. 

There are other things that can stress a tree, like the hot weather. Hot weather can increase the soil temperature and root function can start to reduce. This means that trees cannot pull nutrients from the soil like they should. Also, taproot growth stops until the soil cools down. This can lead the tree to tap its energy reserves, and the reserves will need to be replenished. This can take a great deal of energy. Also, droughts can cause substantial tree stress and lead to leaf scorch, leaf dropping, and wilting. 

If you want your tree to remain alive and healthy, then you should prune when trees are not already subjected to heat and drought stress. Find a time to prune when soil is damp and also when temperatures are mild or moderate. 

Clean Tools Between Use

If you prune during the spring or summer, then mold, mildew, and viruses have not had an opportunity to spread. However, when trees are in full bloom in the summer and when the rains dampen trees and the soil, microorganisms are plentiful around your trees. If you inadvertently transfer fungi and other microorganisms to branches during trimming, then you can cause fungal growths across all pruned trees.

The best way to avoid disease and fungal-infested trees is to clean all pruning tools thoroughly before pruning and also when you move from one tree to another. This is especially helpful in also preventing the spread of serious tree diseases like blight that can easily affect an entire property's worth of trees. 

When cleaning your tools, make sure to use a 50/50 water and bleach solution. Spritz your tools to thoroughly coat your tools, let them sit for 15 minutes, then rinse them clean. Make sure to use a clean cotton cloth to dry the tools as well before you start pruning. Contact tree removal services to learn more.

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