Advice For First-Time Tree Trimmers

If you've recently moved into your first home and have trees on your property, trimming them will need to be added to your to-do list. One approach is to hire a tree service to take care of this job; the presence of a team of professionals will ensure that the job is done correctly. If you're someone who enjoys tackling outdoor projects yourself, then you may be planning to do your own tree trimming. Buying the right tools for the job will make your efforts easier, but you'll also benefit from knowing some tips for getting the job done right. Here's some advice to follow.

Trim During The Off-Season

If you live in a climate in which you grow a garden for part of the year, it's worthwhile to try to trim your trees outside of this season. When you have plants below a tree, falling branches may damage or kill your plants, which is a concern. While you can technically get into tying branches with ropes and lowering them to the ground slowly, doing so is a big job. Unless there's a pressing need to have a tree trimmed, it's a better idea to wait until no plants are growing beneath it, as you won't have to worry about where the branches fall.

Cut Small Pieces Off

It's important to understand the weight of large tree branches, and thus the danger they possess as they fall. If you have a larger branch that needs to be removed, it's best to remove it in pieces. This makes more work for you, but also allows you to get the job done in a safer manner. For example, you might wish to cut each of the small branches away from the main branch. Then, if possible, you may wish to cut the branch into three or four pieces, rather than just cut through it where it meets the tree trunk. Doing so will allow the branches to fall in a safer, more controlled manner.

Don't Overtrim

Trimming too much of your tree may affect its health. If there appears to be a lot of trimming that is needed, your best bet is to consult a tree service. Otherwise, it's best to trim only sporadically. Carefully consider your motivations for trimming. For example, it's important to trim dead branches, as they're weaker and could unexpectedly fall to the ground and hurt someone, but you don't necessarily need to trim healthy branches simply for visual reasons. Remember, a tree with thick branches provides a nice combination of privacy and shade for your yard, but overtrimming will affect these benefits.

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