Are Your Trees In Good Health? Warning Signs To Recognize

Trees add beauty to your property and provide excellent shade. To most homeowners these are positives. However, a tree in poor health can be an issue, and not just any issue, but a dangerous one. Make sure you're protecting your home.

The Signs of a Dying Tree

Here are just some of the signs that may indicate a tree is in poor health.

Discolored Leaves

An easy way to recognize a dying tree is discolored leaves. If most of the leaves on the tree are beautiful and green but there is a section of the tree where the leaves are brown or even yellow – this is not normal. Yellow leaves indicate the early onset of disease, but brown leaves mean that section of the tree is likely already dead. 

Falling Bark

If you're starting to see a collection of bark collecting under the tree, this is also a cause for concern. When a tree is diseased, the bark can start to loosen and eventually fall off. In addition to disease, this could be an indication of a severe infestation. If there are bark beetles on the tree, it might mean the bark is already dead.

Trunk Cracking

Cracks along the trunk of the tree are another cause for concern. The bark on a diseased tree will start to thin. As it thins, it is more prone to cracking. Cracking isn't just a warning sign of poor health, but it can also open the door for even more damage as the cracking can make it easier for pest and insects to settle inside the tree and cause more problems.


Fungus is another indication of a tree in poor health. Fungus can develop on any area of the tree, including the branches and the trunk. Fungus is often a sign of a tree that is dying, or rotting, from the inside out. Unfortunately, once fungus is widespread, saving the tree might be impossible.

Protect Your Property

A dying tree isn't just an eyesore, but it can be a danger to your property. A tree in poor health can have branches that fall. Branches that can fall on top of your home or even on someone outside in the yard.  A damaged tree is also more at risk for uprooting during a storm with heavy rain or winds.

If there is a problem with one of the trees on your property, take prompt action by calling a tree company like Yarnell Tree Co Inc

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