Problems That Can Arise When You Fail To Have Your Tree Damage Repaired

After powerful storms move through your area, one or more of the trees on your property may have suffered damage. While it can be tempting to avoid the investing the money in having these trees serviced to repair the damages, there are some important consequences that can arise if you fail to have these damages addressed:

Higher Risk Of Future Damages

Strong storms can severely weaken the trees on your property. In particular, it is common for the branches of your trees to crack or otherwise weaken. If you fail to have these damages addressed, these weakened areas of the tree will be far more likely to suffer a major failure during the next storm. As a result of this risk, you should act quickly to have your trees serviced as the next wave of storms may arrive fairly quickly.


When the branches or trunk of your tree suffers damage during a storm, it can expose it to a much higher risk of developing a disease. The symptoms of this problem occurring will typically start with the leaves on the damaged portion of the tree starting to wither. Additionally, you may notice that this problem will gradually spread. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to have this damage addressed due to concerns about losing branches or other large sections of the tree. However, it may be possible to prevent this type of damage from occurring as tree services may be able to seal these damaged areas. Identifying these areas will require a comprehensive inspection of the tree as many of these damages may be somewhat difficult to see.  

Aesthetic Issues

In addition to posing significant health risks for your tree, storm damage can also have sizable impacts on the appearance of your tree. For example, compromised branches can create long-lasting impacts on the appearance of the tree. Tree service professionals can remove the damaged branches while also striving to protect the appearance of the tree. This will often be done by balancing the removing of branches so that the tree will retain an appealing and natural shape. Furthermore, these services can also perform a basic pruning of the tree to help it regrow as quickly as possible.

Whether it is a tornado, hurricane or simply a strong storm, these weather events can have dire impacts on the health and appearance of your trees. After you become informed concerning the potential consequences that can follow failing to have tree damage repaired, you will find that protecting the appearance and safety of your property will be much easier.

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