Shade Trees Not Growing Properly? Have Them Professionally Pruned

Shade trees can keep your home cool in the hot summer months and warm in the cooler winter months. But if your shade trees won't grow well enough to protect your home from heat and wind, prune them. Pruning removes dead branches and limbs. It also gives the tree time to recover from injury and storm damage. Here's why and how you should prune your trees.

How Can Pruning Your Trees Help?

Trees rely on water, nutrients, and sunlight to grow well, but damaged trees can stop growing or become unhealthy if something prevents them from obtaining what they need. Storms can break or bend a tree's branches and limbs, or disease and pests can destroy the trees' bark, leaves, and roots. Some shade trees need time or help to recover from their problems. 

Pruning allows damaged trees time to rebuild themselves. However, it's important to prune your trees properly to keep them safe throughout the year. For instance, if you remove too many branches from a tree, it can weaken. The tree might bend or break during a severe storm, because it can't withstand the storm's high winds and drenching rain.

To avoid any problems with your trees or to help them recover from injury or damage, have them professionally pruned.

How Do You Prune Your Trees?

A tree service provider can get your shade trees back in shape by removing limbs placed high in the trees' canopies. If you pruned the trees yourself, some of the heavy limbs could fall on you. A contractor will generally assess the severity of the damage before they proceed.

In addition, some trees require medicinal treatment along with pruning to overcome their problems. Parasitic insects, fungi, and other organisms can take advantage of slow-growing or damaged trees. The pests damage the trees further by consuming their nutrients. A tree specialist can administer and monitor the progress of your shade trees over time.

Finally, a tree contractor may need to cable or secure your trees until they become healthy enough to survive on their own. Cabling keeps leaning or damaged trees upright, which not only keeps the trees from falling, it protects you and your home from accidents. Once your trees are strong enough, they may grow enough branches and leaves to shade your home properly.

If you're ready to prune your slow-growing or unhealthy shade trees, contact a tree service provider, such as Ross Tree Company, for an appointment. 

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