Getting A Quote For Tree Removal? Factors That Affect The Price You Are Quoted

There are many reasons why you may want a tree removed from your property. The tree may be diseased or damaged. The tree's root system may be getting too close to your pipes or the foundation of your home. Or you may want it removed to make way for a pool, shed, or another item on your property. When you are looking to have a tree removed, there are many factors that will affect the price that various tree removal companies will quote you. Here are four common factors that affect the cost to have your tree removed. 

The Size of the Tree 

One of the factors that affect the price you are quoted for tree removal services is the size of the tree. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the tree, the more it will cost to take down. This is because larger trees simply take more time and more effort to get down than smaller trees. As such, a tree removal company charges more to get rid of them.

How Is the Tree is Taken Down?

Another factor that affects the cost of tree removal is how the tree is taken down. If your tree is in the middle of nowhere, a chainsaw may be taken to the trunk of the tree, and the tree may come tumbling down. But in most cases, trees are close to the street, your house, power poles or other items. In this case, the tree can't simply be cut at the trunk. The tree may need to be cut limb by limb, and then the trunk cut down in sections, so the tree safely is removed without harming anyone or anything. 

What Happens With the Stump?

If you need a tree removed, always ask what happens with the stump. Typically, unless otherwise stated, the stump and the root system stay in place after the tree is removed. If the tree removal service includes grinding the stump, using chemicals to kill the stump or roots, and/or pulling the stump out, your estimate may be much higher than someone who only wants the tree taken down. 

Who Cleans Up?

The last element that affects the price you are quoted for tree removal is who cleans up. Some tree removal companies only take the tree down. It is up to you to dispose of the tree and debris. Other companies take the tree down and remove everything. If you want everything removed, you will pay more for it. 

If you are looking to have a tree removed from your property, always obtain an estimate from a few different tree removal companies and then compare the estimates to one another. This will help you find the company that charges a reasonable amount to have your tree removed. 

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