3 Major Dangers of Removing a Tree Yourself

If you're like most people, you have little desire to remove any of the trees in your yard. After all, they provide shade, beauty, windbreaks, soil erosion control, and in some cases, fruits and nuts for the family table. However, there are times when a tree simply needs to be removed. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common include severe storm damage, decimation by fungal pathogens, or a simple failure to thrive because the tree has been placed in the wrong location. For instance, a tree that requires a good deal of sunlight will languish and fade away if planted in the shade. 

Proper tree removal comes with significant safety risks and shouldn't be undertaken by those unfamiliar with tree removal best practices and/or who lack the proper equipment for the job. The following are just three of the many challenges faced by homeowners when they attempt to remove trees themselves instead of relying on the services of a qualified professional.

1. Unstable Wood

Trees that have been weakened by fungal or bacterial pathogens feature weakened wood that could collapse under the slightest weight or even for no discernible reason, which means you run a serious risk of being struck by a fallen limb during the process of removing the tree. It's often impossible to tell if the wood has been weakened by merely looking at it or even touching it because trees begin to die from the inside, so they frequently appear perfectly normal until their very last stages.  

2. Improper Equipment 

Homeowners typically don't possess the proper equipment to safely remove trees. Examples of equipment commonly used in tree removal and disposal include cranes, specialized ropes, chainsaws, and wood chippers. It's also essential to be properly trained in the use of these tools in order to avoid injury. 

3. Power Lines

If a tree that you are removing happens to fall on a power line, you run a grave risk of being electrocuted. At the very least, you'll knock the power out throughout your entire neighborhood and face a hefty fine. Professional tree service technicians know how to bring down a tree without it coming into contact with live electrical wires.

These are just a few hazards you might face if you try to remove a tree yourself. Please contact a local tree removal service for more information if you have a tree in your yard that needs to be removed.   

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