Top 3 Signs You Need Tree Trimming Services

In the forest, trees do not need any trimming. The branches can overgrow and fall as much as they want, and even diseases can attack the trees anytime. This is why you will always find a fallen tree in every forest. For trees that grow on your property, this cannot be allowed to happen.

The last thing you want is a diseased tree that drops branches all over your yard. So, you will need regular tree trimming services. Here are three surefire signs it's time to call a tree trimming expert.  

Tree Is Too Large

If a tree has become so large that its branches are now interfering with the power lines nearby, it may be time to seek professional tree trimming services. Attempting to remove such branches on your own is risky, as any mistakes could result in electrocutions or fires. 

Sometimes, the branches overgrow and begin to tangle around each other. When this happens, the bark is damaged from the excess weight making the tree vulnerable. After some time, the branches start to decay, which could spread throughout the whole tree. Therefore, it's important to trim a tree early before any damage has occurred. 

Branches Are Rubbing Your Home

When your tree's branches are close or resting on your home's walls or windowpanes, there is a need for urgent action. If heavy winds or a storm occurs, those branches will be thrown against your house, causing damage. 

Again, resist any temptation to remove the branches using your loppers. Improper trimming can weaken your tree, making it vulnerable to pests and diseases. Besides, you may leave behind some branches meant to be removed, risking future damage. A professional tree caregiver knows which branches need to be removed and has the tools to execute the job to perfection. 

Visible Damage

Perhaps your area has experienced heavy rains that have left your tree's branches or limbs broken or weakened. In such a case, you need to take action quickly as any future storm or strong winds could cause these branches to snap or break off altogether. There are many reported incidents of falling branches causing severe injuries and massive property damage. 

Sometimes, the weakening of limbs or branches is not visible to an untrained eye. Hence, it's advisable to call an arborist for tree inspection after a natural disaster, like a flood, storm, or hurricane, even if you can't see any damage. Obviously, you want your home or property to be the safest place for you and your loved ones. 

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