How Can A Tree Service Care For Your Trees?

If you have trees on your property and you aren't sure how to properly care for them, you may need the help of a professional tree service. Tree services offer a variety of services that ensure your trees stay healthy. Trees in urban environments face many challenges that can affect their health. A tree service can identify issues and offer effective and safe solutions.

Assessment of trees and shrubs

If you lack experience in caring for trees, you'll struggle to identify issues that might be affecting your trees. A tree service can send a professional to your home to assess the health of your trees if you suspect that they are in poor health. Drought damage, disease, sunscald, and pests can all harm your tree, but you may need a professional to spot the signs early.

Identify and eliminate pests

Pests like carpenter ants, termites, and aphids can all damage trees if left to their own devices. A tree service professional can examine your trees and spot pest infestations. Once they identify the pests, they can then safely use pesticides to kill those pests.

Tree and shrub trimming

Tree trimming can harm your trees if you attempt to do it without the proper experience. For instance, if you remove too many branches, or the wrong branches, you could seriously affect your tree's ability to take in food. One of the most common services that tree services offer is tree trimming. Tree trimming can improve the health of your trees, as well as their appearance.

Test the quality of soil

Some tree species are highly durable and can grow in many types of soil. But some trees require specific soil types in order to thrive. Most trees grow well in soils with a pH of about 6.5-7.0. Soil that is much lower or higher than that can make it difficult for trees to get the nutrients they need to survive.

A tree service can evaluate the soil your trees are growing in and then take action if necessary, to improve that soil.

Removal of moss

Many homeowners like the look of moss, especially around water features. But if your trees are covered in moss and you want to remove it, you can hire a tree service to do that for you. If you remove moss yourself, you could damage your trees in the process.

If your trees don't look as healthy as you think they should, then consider hiring a tree service. With their expertise and experience, you can ensure that your trees are healthy.

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