Four Landscaping Tasks You Should Leave to the Arborist

An arborist is a tree service expert who has gotten a certain number of years of training and has been licensed and certified to work as a tree expert. As such, these specialists are often hired to work on trees that have been infected with parasites or to do other tasks that a traditional landscaper might not want to deal with or might not have the skills to do. 

You can hire a landscaper to work on your lawn and do yard maintenance, and a landscaper can even plant a tree and do some basic tree pruning. There are times, however, when an arborist needs to be called to work on your property. Here are four landscaping and tree tasks that are best left to an arborist.

When a large tree needs to come down

If you have a very large tree on your property that needs to come down, you need an arborist to assist you. The tree will need to be limbed and taken down in sections and will need to come down at the right angle so as not to destroy property or other trees. An arborist is specially trained to deal with large trees and take them down safely.

When a tree is diseased

Do you have a diseased tree on your land? It needs to be given special attention, which can be in the form of injected pesticides, antibiotics, or even trimming. An arborist is trained in tree diseases and deformities, so call an arborist first before you attempt to care for an ill tree on your own. With the right care, a tree can be saved and can also be kept from infecting nearby trees.

When a tree is invasive

An invasive tree may have invasive roots or shooters that take off and spread all over your yard. If your yard is being bothered by pesky trees, such as box elder trees or others, then it's time to call the arborist and see what they recommend for managing your issue.

When a tree is dying

A dying tree might be dying because it was too shallowly planted, it's in the wrong climate zone, or it was planted with its root bulb too intact for the tree to grow. If your tree was exotic or expensive to plant, you want to save it. An arborist might be able to save the tree, replant it somewhere else in your yard where it can thrive, or they might make other recommendations to keep your tree healthy.

Reach out to a tree service if you have questions about your trees. 

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