Own A Daycare? How To Keep Kids Safe While They Are Outside Playing

If you own a daycare, it is your job to ensure the kids stay safe. One area they can get hurt is when playing outside. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep them safe while they are playing, two of which are listed below.

Use Playground Mulch

If your daycare has a playground, you should consider purchasing and installing playground mulch to spread over the area. You never know if a child will fall while running, sliding, swinging, or climbing. If they fall on a hard surface, they can become injured and even break a bone. This may result in a lawsuit for your daycare. If they fall on playground mulch, this reduces the chances of them becoming injured. 

There are different types of playground mulch you can choose from. Wood chips are often used because they provide good shock absorbency if someone falls. Wood chips also shed water quicker, so they stay drier for longer periods of time. The wood used has no added chemicals or any type of preservatives to ensure it is safe for children. 

There is also rubber mulch which is made from shaving tires. With rubber mulch, you have many colors to choose from. Rubber is popular because it is durable, and water drains easily through the rubber mulch. Rubber is also soft if a child trips or falls.

No matter what you choose, hire a playground mulch service to deliver the mulch to you. They can also install it to ensure it is installed correctly. It is important that you put enough of the mulch on the surface, which could be several inches thick. 

Install New Gate and Fence

Your playground is already likely fenced and gated but if these things are old consider replacing them. Make sure the gate is stable and tall enough so a child could not climb over the fence. This will also make it more difficult for a person or animal to get inside the playground from outside the fence. A wood privacy fence would work well as children would not be able to see outside the fence or people could not see inside. A chain-link fence is more budget-friendly and can also work well. Also, add a gate with an automatic lock on it to ensure the gate always stays locked. 

Depending on the state where you live, there are likely requirements you must follow when it comes to fencing and gating your daycare. For example, the fence may need to be a certain height or a certain type. 

There are many more things you can do to keep the children safe outside your daycare, such as picking up all debris every day, keeping riding toys put up when not in use, and making sure there are enough people watching the children while they are playing.

If you're looking for playground mulch, contact a mulching service in in your area such as Watson's Tree Services-Soil & Mulch.

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