How To Stop Emerald Ash Borers From Spreading

You might notice that the leaves on the trees around your house are not as vibrant as they usually are. You might also notice that your trees don't have as many leaves as in the past. There might also be holes in your tree. This might be the result of an emerald ash borer. Your trees won't be safe unless you treat them and eliminate this pest.

Identifying Emerald Ash Borer Infestations

Emerald ash borers only attack ash trees, as the name suggests. If you have any mountain ash trees, you will not have to worry because they are not real ash trees. The emerald ash borers are beetles that have a metallic green color. When you discover these pests, contact an emerald ash borer management service so you can eliminate these pests.

The ash borer can kill an ash tree. However, it takes many years and you still have time to eliminate the infestation and save your trees. The first step will be to have professionals identify whether the insect is actually an emerald ash borer so that the appropriate steps can then be taken to eliminate the pest.

Preventing Emerald Ash Borers From Infesting New Trees

It's possible to apply a preventative treatment to trees that have not yet been infested with an emerald ash borer to prevent the infestation from spreading. These methods can prevent the ash borer from reproducing effectively.

Treating Trees That are Infested

The most effective treatment option is to inject the trunk and soil with an insecticide designed specifically to fight emerald ash borers when they are in the larval stage. This will be highly effective in killing the larva because the treatment will then be released throughout the canopy of the tree and poison the insect.

Canopy sprays are used against adults. These sprays do not kill the adults but do prevent them from laying eggs and feeding. As a result, it can play a role in eliminating the infestation. The treatments are only effective if they are applied at the right time. The treatments also need to be applied every year to prevent the beetles from damaging the tree to such an extent that it becomes weakened beyond the point where it can recover.

In some cases, for some trees, the best option is to have the tree replaced. However, when you catch an infestation early, you might be able to save some trees. 

For more information, contact a local emerald ash borer treatment company. 

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