What Should You Do Before Cutting Down A Tree? 4 Powerful Tips

Everyone understands a tree's important role in ecological balance and in enhancing the appeal of your landscape. However, you may have no choice but to cut it down when it poses a safety risk or obstructs the view of your gorgeous landscape. So, if you have decided to remove a tree from your yard, there are certain things you need to do if you want to take it down safely. Here are some powerful tips to help you during the preparation phase of this exercise.


You should engage the services of a tree removal expert to perform a thorough evaluation of the tree. This inspection is critical as it helps the professional know its condition. Some details that should be gathered during evaluation include tree size and species, permits, ease of access to the site, human traffic, proximity to power lines, and much more.

Consider the Surroundings

After the evaluation, an inspection should be conducted on the surroundings to check if any structures are in danger of being damaged during the removal. In case there are structures in the way, ensure that they are adequately protected in readiness for the task. Some areas that need to be protected include neighboring trees, landscape plants, patios, fences, paved pathways, and outdoor furniture.

Create a Staging Area Plan

A tree is larger than you can imagine and can occupy a lot of space when lying on the ground. In addition, the heavy equipment professionals use and the leafy branches of the tree occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you must create enough space in the area close to the tree if you want the removal to progress smoothly. In addition, the equipment should be conveniently located to reduce the distance that needs to be covered by the crew when hauling branches and performing other tasks.

Inform Neighbors

Before the removal, you should talk to your neighbors and inform them of your plans to cut down the tree. Many people cannot bear the noise and disruption associated with this task, and they should be informed beforehand so that they can prepare. If the tree is encroaching on someone else's property or the professionals have to access their property during the removal, you should give them notice. 

These powerful tips should come in handy during the preparation for tree removal. Cutting down a tree is a complicated and dangerous task that should only be performed by a reputable tree removal expert. DIY tree removal should be avoided at all costs because it can result in serious accidents.

Contact a tree removal service to learn more. 

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