3 Reasons To Have A Damaged Or Dying Tree Removed From Your Property

An important tree service you may need, and that you don't want to put off, is to have an injured tree removed from your yard. A tree that was damaged by lightning or strong winds or that has died due to a disease or insect infestation is a hazard that could harm your or your neighbor's property. Here's why you want to have a damaged or dead tree removed as soon as you can.

1. Another Storm Could Make The Tree Topple

A damaged tree could last a long time before it dies and is a danger, but it could also be blown over during the next bad storm. A falling tree is a serious matter. It could land on your roof, smash your car, or fall in the street and cause a traffic problem.

If a tree falls, you'll need to have it removed as an emergency tree service whether it fits in your budget or not. The city may even get involved and make you remove the tree or be fined. It's better to remove a bad tree early when it can be done at your convenience and when you're ready to deal with the cost.

2. Pests And Diseases Can Infect Damaged Trees

Even if the damage to your tree was minor, the damaged area might become infected if the bark is stripped away. Once the infection or infestation is established, it could spread to other trees in your yard. The tree service may not need to remove a tree with mild damage. They might just remove all the broken branches and limbs and leave the healthy tree behind.

However, it's important for the tree to be inspected so it can be removed if needed before the tree is infected and dies quicker than you expect.

3. A Damaged Tree Is Unattractive

A tree with a limb broken off or that has shredded bark is not a pretty sight. It can make your yard look ugly and neglected. If you live in an HOA community, you may even get in trouble if you don't have the tree removed so the community is more attractive.

A tree service can remove the tree whether it's healthy, badly injured, or dying. They may need to change the way they work according to the condition of the tree so the crew stays safe. Cutting down a weak and dying tree is harder, and it could be more expensive too, so having the tree removed as soon as it develops problems is a good idea.

Contact a tree service near you to learn more. 

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