3 Situations That Require An Emergency Tree Removal

When you plant trees and watch them mature and blossom to beautify your landscape, it is only normal to get a sentimental attachment to them. However, the love for the trees makes it hard to let them go. Besides, trees are good for the environment, and nobody wants to cut them down. That said, there are some situations where you might have to perform an emergency tree removal. Consider these three situations where you will find it crucial to remove your trees. 

When The Trees Are Sick

Sick trees are a hazard because they can spread the infection and devastate your entire vegetation. Note that viruses, pests, and fungi spread quickly when you do not take immediate measures to eliminate them. So, you must always be on the lookout for signs of diseases that could spread to your entire landscape. Good examples include powdery white mildew, yellowish and brown leaves, lumps, and holes in the bark. The good news is that if the infection is minor and localized, the tree care expert might try to resolve it. However, removing the tree is the best way to handle widespread sickness.

If The Tree Is At Risk During Storms

You should also consider removing any tree that might fall if hit by a storm. In this case, an arborist can assess your sick and weak trees and estimate whether they will withstand strong winds. Note that if they feel that yours might not handle the pressure, they will advise an emergency tree removal before the storm strikes. Remember that once the storm hits, you will have little control over where the tree falls and what it might damage on its way down. More importantly, keep in mind that wind and lightning can snap a weak tree and send it right on top of your building.

When The Tree Is Weak And Leaning

It is also advisable to remove any weak and leaning trees. In most cases, leaning shows that your tree might have weak, rotten, or dead roots and cannot nourish itself. Also, you might notice cracks and other weaknesses on the tree's trunk. Note that the worst thing about suddenly leaning trees is that you cannot know how much time they have before they topple. You also cannot control what will give the tree that final push that will uproot it. Therefore, being preemptive by performing an emergency removal can help you avert disaster.

These are the three most common scenarios where you should consider getting your tree removed. So, speak to emergency tree removal services and get their help getting rid of any trees that might pose a safety or health risk.

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