Frequently Asked Questions On Tree Removal

As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to the trees in your space. Most of the time, this beautiful vegetation is a fall risk. The damage to your property by trees when they collapse can be extensive. Learn to examine trees in your space to investigate their integrity before you seek the help of professionals for tree removal services. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding tree removal.

When Are Trees Likely to Fall?

If you suddenly notice that your tree is leaning, it could be a clear sign that the roots have been affected. If you notice decay in the roots, this is another indicator that the tree is in danger. Before deciding to chop it down, let arborists come and advise accordingly. 

Extensive cracks and cavities in the trunk are indicative of danger. When branches at the top of the tree begin drying out, it means the tree is dying slowly. Also, when you notice the tree is creaking, it is time to call an arborist.

What Are the Reasons for Tree Removal?

Leaning trees or those with cracks in the trunk need to be removed quickly. You may also just want to chop off the tree for timber and construction. In cases where you want fuel for winter or to reinforce your fence, tree removal experts should be your number-one choice to avoid damage to your property or that of others.

Crane-assisted removal is a service that is fast and safe, leaving no damage to the surrounding areas. This service can be followed up by stump removal, especially where the tree is no longer required to shoot up. Experienced arborists are handy in cases where trees are large or many. 

Why Is Stump Removal Necessary?

Sometimes, when a tree is cut down, its stump lingers precariously. These stumps limit property use in case of agriculture or construction. Moreover, the stumps are a dangerous obstacle to you and others. 

Earth-shaking machines can be used to deal with large stumps by reducing them way below ground level. This stump removal process dispenses with the need to burn or dig around the stump. The stump can be extracted using a crane where the tree wasn't too big.

What Is the Cost of Tree Removal?

The cost of stump and tree removal varies from tree to tree. Another consideration that is made before pricing can be determined is the location of the tree. For example, where the tree is located in a busy neighborhood or near electric poles, the cost may increase due to the damage risk associated with tree removal. The cost is relatively lower when such considerations aren't in play. 

Another factor that influences pricing is client expectations. Some property owners will want the tree split into logs for domestic use. Some clients may require stump removal, while others will do with grinding. If more equipment and labor are used, the cost will increase. 

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