Which Trees Need Trimming, And Which Can Wait?

Do you have a tree in your yard that could benefit from a trim? It's a good idea to have your tree trimming company trim all of the trees that need it while they are out. But how do you know which trees can benefit from a trim, and which can wait? Here are four types of trees that could likely benefit from a trim. Trees that don't fit into any of these categories will generally be just fine without a trim.

Young Trees

When a tree is young and growing quickly, you should have it trimmed about once a year. The trimmer probably won't remove much growth when they trim the tree, but they will remove any branches that are growing unusually and that may cause future problems. This helps ensure your young tree grows up in a nice, attractive shape.

Fruit Trees

If you have any fruit trees in your yard, whether ornamental or productive, you should have them trimmed while the trimmer is out. Regular trimming helps ensure proper airflow between the branches of a fruit tree, which helps prevent fungal infections. (Fungi love fruit trees!) Fruit trees should also have any crossed or crowded branches removed as these branches don't typically have enough room for fruit to develop.

Trees With Dead Branches

Do you see a lot of dead branches as you look up into any of your trees? A tree trimmer should remove those branches. This way, the branches won't fall on anyone or anything when a storm rolls in. Removing dead branches also prevents the tree from having to send water and nutrients to those branches, which means there is more to go around for any remaining branches.

Trees Near Structures

Do you have a tree near a home, garage, or power lines? Even if it is not directly growing into any structure right now, it is a good idea to have your tree trimmer give it a once-over. They can trim away branches growing in a suspicious direction before they start to cause any problems. It is easier to do this now than in a few years when the tree is directly causing structural damage.

If you have a trimmer out to work on one tree, you might as well have them trim more trees while they are there. Your whole yard will look more tidy if you have some of your trees trimmed up!

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