Types Of Stump Removal And When To Choose Them

Tree removal is only part of the process, the stump should also come out so it doesn't harbor pests or disease. There are a few options to consider when it comes to how the stump is removed.

Manually Dig & Pull

The simplest way to remove a stump is to simply dig and pull it out. Smaller stumps may only require digging with a shovel. Larger stumps must first be loosened by digging around them with either a shovel or heavy equipment. Sometimes large, extending roots must be cut around larger stumps, as well. A chain is then placed around the stump so it can be pulled out with a winch or similar device. 

When to Choose This Method

Digging and pulling work best for small tree stumps that aren't deeply rooted. It can be used for larger stumps when there is a need to remove them completely, but larger stump pulling will require heavy equipment and professional assistance.

Chemical Stump Remover

Chemical stump remover is simple enough to do yourself. Holes are first drilled deeply into the stump, then the chemical remover is poured in. Over the course of weeks to months, the chemicals kill the stump and speed up its decomposition. Eventually, the stump breaks down enough so that it can be removed in small, easily handled chunks.

​When to Choose This Method

Chemical removers work slowly, so are only suitable if you have plenty of time to wait for stump removal and you are committed to performing the procedure yourself. They work best with small to medium-sized stumps, although with enough patience and some reapplication, the chemicals can be used for larger stumps.

Stump Burning

Burning is exactly how it sounds — a fire is started in the stump and allowed to slowly smolder and burn it out. Afterward, the ashes can be turned into the soil. There are safety concerns with burning, so it is best to hire a professional service to complete the task.

​When to Choose This Method

Burning is most often used for clearing multiple stumps from undeveloped or rural land. It isn't considered suitable for more urban and suburban areas due to the smoke and fire risk. 

Professional Grinding

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that features many large grinding wheels that can be lowered onto a stump. The job is complete in minutes, with the resulting stump being ground to a stub that is well below the soil surface. 

​When to Choose This Method

Grinding is highly effective and can be used safely on most stumps, particularly when a professional is called in as they have access to larger grinders for bigger stumps. You can re-landscape your yard nearly immediately, making this the quickest option for removal.

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