4 Tree Trimming Tips For An Easier-To-Maintain Yard

Trees contribute a lot to your landscaping in terms of beauty, shade, and structure. They can also be a bit of a nuisance if they aren't kept trimmed and cared for. Fortunately, a tree trimming service can help you with some common tree issues.

1. Increase Clearance

Trees with limbs too close to the ground can make landscaping a pain. It's difficult to walk beneath the tree, especially if you are trying to mow or remove weeds near the trunk. The low branches also make the yard smaller, providing less room for gardening, play, and relaxation. Your tree service can trim away the lower branches on the trunk, which will lift the crown so there is space beneath it to walk.

2. Balance the Crown

Several things affect the landscaping when the crown of a tree is growing unevenly. The poor balance from asymmetrical growth can cause the trunk to develop a lean, which can lead to excessive surface root growth on one side as the tree attempts to hold itself upright. Crown imbalance also increases the chances of root movement during high winds, a problem that can lead to the churning up of the soil at the base of the trunk. Thinning and shaping the crown with proper trimming solves these problems. 

3. Reduce Branch Loss

Another landscaping challenge is keeping on top of the branch and twig debris that falls from a tree, and trees with overcrowded crowns tend to drop more debris throughout the year. That's because the branches are rubbing and smacking together every time a breeze comes up. Your trimming service can go in and thin out the excess growth so that the branches no longer interfere with each other. This means less twig loss and less branch damage that results in debris drop.

4. Minimize Fruit Litter 

Trees that produce fruit present a special challenge, as for many species, there are no sprays or treatments that will fully prevent fruit production. The timing is also important. Although most trees require their heaviest pruning in late winter while they are in a dormant phase, you can schedule a second light trim later in the spring or early summer if fruit is a concern. Your tree tech will simply trim off the flowering branch tips at the end of the blooming period, thus removing any fruit before it has a chance to fully develop and become a mess.

Contact a tree trimming service to learn more. 

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