What Can A Tree Service Do About A Messy Ornamental Tree?

Do you have a messy ornamental tree on your property? Maybe you have a crabapple tree that keeps dropping blooms in the spring and apples in the fall. Or perhaps you have a ginkgo that drops smelly fruit every summer. If you are tired of always cleaning up after your tree, it may be wise to contact a tree service. There are a few things they can do to help you address your messy tree problem.

Give it a good trim.

In some cases, your messy tree might just need a good trim. The tree company can remove any crossed or unhealthy branches. By removing some branches from the tree, the tree service is reducing the amount of fruit or flowers that the tree can produce. They'll also help ensure that any fruits or flowers that do still develop are healthier. This might mean the flowers or fruits are easier to clean up or do not rot as quickly. Make sure you let the tree trimmer know that the tree has been messy. This guidance will help them decide which tree branches to remove and how many to remove.

Treat it with fungicide.

It's possible that your tree is not supposed to be dropping as much debris but is doing so because it has a fungal infection. If you've noticed any spots or splotches on the leaves, blossoms, or fruits that are falling, then there is probably a fungal infection going on. This is a common problem with apple and crabapple trees. A tree company can spray the tree with fungicides, which can help clear the infection. Just note that it may take some patience and a few applications before the tree is completely fungus-free. 

Remove it.

Some types of trees are just messy — even when they are healthy and properly cared for. This is true of ginkgo, honey locust, sweet gum, and weeping willow trees. If your tree is one of those that falls into this category, then your tree care company may simply recommend having it removed. They can plant another, less messy tree in its place. There are varieties of crabapples and magnolias that are quite beautiful but create less of a mess.

If you are tired of dealing with a messy tree, call a tree care company. They can trim the tree, remove the tree, or even spray it with fungicides to help keep things tidier. 

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