Having A Big Tree Removed From Your Garden Bed

Planting a tree in your garden bed can seem like a great idea at the time. For a few years, you get to enjoy the tree's beauty and perhaps the shade it casts on your home. But if you were not careful in selecting a truly small, dwarf tree to plant, the tree then gets too large and becomes a nuisance. Its branches might start rubbing on your siding, and its roots may become a threat to your home's foundation. Your best option, at this point, is to have the tree removed. Here are some tips to help you in that endeavor.

Contact a local tree removal company.

Don't attempt to remove the tree on your own. It is really hard to tell what way a tree will fall or to control the direction in which it falls. You don't want to risk having the tree fall onto or against your home and do more damage in the process. A tree removal professional will know how to ensure the tree falls away from your home. Or, they will have the equipment to take the tree down in pieces so that it does not fall at all.

Have the stump removed, too.

Tree removal companies often leave the stump behind unless you pay extra for stump removal. If you were having a tree removed from a remote corner of your land, it would be okay to leave the stump. But you probably don't want a stump sitting around in your garden bed. If it's hard to plant around, someone might hit their shins on it, and it can attract insects as it begins to rot. Pay extra for stump removal; it is worth it.

Make plans for the wood.

When you hire a tree removal company, ask how they handle the wood. Some companies take it with them by default. Others leave the wood behind. Most ornamental trees that one would plant in a garden bed don't have wood that is valuable. So, you are best off having the wood hauled away and made into mulch, if possible. If your tree care company won't do this, you may be able to find a landscaper in your area who will come pick up the wood and turn it into mulch. 

If you have a too-large tree in your garden bed, have it removed before it starts causing any more problems. Contacting a professional tree remover is your best bet. For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.

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